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Hey there hustler, welcome to the Mob Blog. Before we begin let’s get a little more acquainted, shall we? Let’s start with an introduction. We like to call ourselves crime’s most fashionable gang, the pioneers of a movement called PopUpMob. We don’t settle for bad design, so we have made it our mission to chase the next generation of criminally cool designers and brands around the world. We then bring them to a temporary pop up space for enough time for you to get a taste. PopUpMob provides both the designers and the consumers the opportunity to interact with these brands before they become the next big thing. What’s even slicker is that we don’t confine ourselves to a single location or space; we create an experience. Not only do we match designers with high profile spaces but also we develop 360-degree concepts that take the boring out of your shopping experience. For us, mainstream is a dirty word so if you are looking for something different, join our mob. And for those in between moments when we’re not trespassing anywhere? That’s what this blog is for, to make sure you don’t commit any crimes of fashion. Stay tuned and don’t forget, the better you dress the worse you can behave.
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